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Admission Counselor

B.A. in International Political Economy, Minors in Education and Politics & Government
University of Puget Sound

Sara's territories are: Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, and Washington (Island County, Skagit County, San Juan County, and Whatcom County)

Where are you from?
Los Angeles, California

Do you have a favorite place in Tacoma?
My favorite place in Tacoma is the Old Town Dock. I have had many memories there, from jumping off the dock during orientation training to watching the sunset over the sound while having a picnic with friends. The colors are always beautiful no matter the time of day or year and I think it embodies much of Tacoma's old town charm.

Name a class at Puget Sound you are interested in, but haven't taken.
PG 362 Human Rights in Global and Comparative Perspectives - The ideas of this course fascinate me. During much of my time as a student I was focused on looking at how education is used in humanitarian and developmental aid. Much of this focus turned into an analysis of education as a human rights or development issue and I believe this course would help continue to expand my knowledge on a topic I am still really interested in!

What is a book that has been influential for you?
I would have to say the first Hunger Games book. I don't think that this is the best book I have ever read, but it was one of the most influential because it was the first book I read as a kid that taught me how fun reading could actually be.