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Mike Rottersman

Mike Rottersman '99

Associate Director of Admission

B.A. Politics and Government
Minor Environmental Studies 1999
University of Puget Sound

What is your favorite place on campus?
Baker Stadium is my favorite place on campus. The stadium is home to Peyton Field, which is named in honor of Joe Peyton ’67 & ’71 who still worked in the Athletic Department when I was a student. I was involved in some epic battles on that field, including a Halloween overtime win over the reigning national champion, Seattle University. It was the final game of the season, and the sudden-death, “golden goal” came off the boot of my best friend, Cort Beldin. Cort’s dad beat most of the team to the victory pile from the stands. I still don’t know how he scaled the railing and sprinting on the field that fast!

In more recent years, the track around Peyton Field has become a place for me to get in to my own head and challenge my aging legs. While circling the track you can look South East to see Mt. Rainier and then a few strides later you’re looking out along Commencement Walk towards Weyerhaeuser, Wyatt, and Thomas Halls. It’s so beautiful that you actually forget that your running around in circles!

Fun fact about Baker Stadium: The 1997 movie, Prefontaine, starring Jared Leto was filmed on our track. It’s possible that one of our admission counselors made a cameo too!

Where do you like to eat in Tacoma?
My favorite spots are Gateway to India (excellent Indian fare) and Wild Orchid (Thai cuisine).  

What attractions should visitors be sure to see? 
I recommend Point Defiance Park (“Point D”), a walk or jog along the waterfront, Tacoma Art Museum, Museum of Glass and the LeMay Car Museum.

What’s your favorite thing about working in the Office of Admission?
Helping connect students to Puget Sound. Serving as a “link” (regardless of how big or small) between the prospective student and the university is an incredibly rewarding feeling. Seeing a student’s excitement when they visit campus and working with them to help make this a reality never gets old!