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Martha Wilson

Martha Wilson

Senior Associate Director of Admission

B.A. Geology 2000
Macalester College
Master of Public Administration 2008
Eastern Washington University

Martha's territories are: Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming 
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Where are you from?
Spokane, Washington

Do you have a favorite place in Tacoma?
Ruston Way - I love looking out over the water and, on a clear day, seeing Rainier and all the way up to Baker!

Name a class at Puget Sound you are interested in, but haven't taken.
CONN 375: The Art and Science of Color - as a former science major who also loves art, this one would be right up my alley -- human vision, cultural practices, chemistry, art, and history!

What is a book that has been influential for you?
I'll give you two that I've read in the last year: An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and The Book of Lost Saints by Daniel José Older