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Cameron Nasatir

Admission Counselor

B.A. in History and Russian Studies, 2017
Lawrence University

Hometown: Tarzana, California

What's your favorite place on campus?
Definitely Diversions Cafe in the Student Union Building, especially when it's just busy enough to feel occupied, but there's still a table open for you to grab.

What's your favorite spot to eat in Tacoma?
Right now, I'd say my favorite in Tacoma is Ice Cream Social, since it's so close to where I live. Which is definitely not a good thing for my health, but a great thing for my stomach.

What do you like to do on the weekends?
Well, I'm a bit of a nerd so I'll most likely be spending a bit of time playing some video games or reading a sci-fi novel. Outside of that, I love to walk along 6th Avenue and pick out a new place to try some food or a drink. I'll even try to give my cat a walk around the area on occasion!

What do you usually order at Diversions Cafe?
Depends on the weather - if I'm feeling cold, I'll go with a Spicy Chai or a Cappuccino. If it's warm outside, it's gotta be an iced Mocha.

What's your favorite thing about working in admission?
I was lucky enough to have a transformative college experience, and it brings me so much joy to be able to work with students as they navigate their own path to higher education. Even when it's time for hard decisions, I feel proud knowing that I've helped a student along their own journey.