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Puget Sound students come from all over the country and world and have diverse interests, backgrounds, and experiences. Meet some of our current students who want to connect with you, answer any questions that you might have, and tell you about their experience at Puget Sound! Explore the student profiles to learn more about their time on campus so far and to connect with them individually via email. Also, if you are looking to connect with current students via video chat, we host online meetups through our My Life as a Logger: Student-led Snapshot Tours, and Lunch with Loggers events throughout most of the academic year.
Note: If you can't find a student you would like to connect with, please reach out to to inquire.

Kate Harris '21

Salt Lake City, UT

Major: US Politics and Government and Spanish,
Minor: Latino/a Studies
Campus Involvement: Tour Guide for the Campus Visit Program, Honors program and the Honors Advisory Committee, the Repertory Dance Group, Greek life, Yoga club, InterVarsity, and the Improv troupe

Sam Kaufman '22

San Carlos, CA

Major: History
Minor: Music and Education Studies
Campus Involvement: Ultimate Frisbee, Trombone in the Jazz and Wind Ensemble, Campus Visit Program

Julian Bieganski '21

Long Lake, MN

Major: Business Leadership Program and Economics
Campus Involvement: Greek Life, Residence Life, Puget Sound Investment Club

Sophie Semenjuk '22

Los Angeles, CA

Major: Politics & Government (US) and International Political Economy
Minor: Global Development
Campus Involvement: Campus Visit Program, Greek life, Swim team, RDG, Special Olympics, IGNITE

Romi Miller '22

Palo Alto, CA

Major: Exercise Science
Minor: Spanish
Campus Involvement: Campus Visit Program, Greek Life, Varsity Crew, Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society, Peer Ally

Lily Price-Skelly '23

Incline Village, NV

Major: Special Interdisciplinary Major with Evolutionary Anthropology 
Minor: Religious Studies
Emphasis: Bioethics 
Campus Involvement: Eco Club, Bioethics Club, RDG (Repertory Dance Group)

Ella Denman '22

Wilmette, IL 

Major: Business Leadership Program 
Minor: Politics and Government 
Campus Involvement: Greek Life, Campus Visit Program, Business Leadership Cohort, Intramurals 

Aldrin Villahermosa '21

Waipahu, HI

Major: Biology, Bioethics emphasis
Campus Involvement: ASUPS Committees, Coalition of Multicultural and Biracial Students (COMBS), Asian Pacific Islander Collective (APIC),  Asian Student Community (ASC), Student of Color Community Initiative (SOCCI), Greek Life, Independent Biology Research, Multicultural Admissions, Residence Life, Ka 'Ohana me ke Aloha

Jenna Krueger '21

Eugene, OR

Major: Psychology 
Minor: Education and Math 
Campus Involvement: History Club, Honors Program, Yoga Club, Reparatory Dance Group, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Psi Chi (Psychology Honors Society), Slater Museum Bird Walks

Ale Vidal Meza '22

Lima, Perú

Majors: Economics, Environmental Policy & Decision Making
Minor: Global Development Studies
Campus Involvement: Center for Intercultural and Civic Engagement, KUPS 90.1 FM, Sound Economics, Student Engagement Team

Travis Bender '21

Redwood City, CA

Major: Business Leadership Program and Economics
Campus Involvement: Swim Team, Greek Life, Puget Sound Investment Club, Study Abroad

Lia Van Steeter '21

Corvallis, OR

Major: International Political Economy 
Minor: Spanish 
Campus Involvement: Women's Varsity Tennis; Spanish Subject Tutor at the Center for Writing, Learning, and Teaching; Vice President of the Student Association for the Race and Pedagogy Institute; Peer Advisor; Copy Editor for The Trail and The Slab

Emma Kauzman '21

Fort Collins, CO

Major: Computer Science and Business Leadership Program
Minor: Mathematics
Campus Involvement: Campus Visit Program, Residence Life, Computer Science Tutor, Study Abroad

Sofi Vazquez '22

Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico City

Majors: Business administration and Computer Science
Campus Involvement: Swim Team, The Campus Visit Program

Lucy Peloso '23

Colorado Springs, CO 

Major: Business Leadership Program 
Minor: German
Campus Involvement: Ultimate Frisbee, Investment Club, Greek Life, Campus Visit Program

Kelsie Neumann '23

Fircrest, WA

Major: Biochemistry 
Minor: Spanish 
Campus Involvement: Chemistry club, Hall Government, Greek Life, Music, Residence Life, Honors program

Emily Chu '21

Santa Rosa, CA

Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Math
Campus Involvement: Greek Life, Music Program, Phi Eta Sigma, and Campus Visit Program!

Ellie Schnorr '21

Forest Grove, OR

Major: Politics & Government
Campus Involvement: Cross Country and Track and Field

Aaliah Largusa '22

Las Vegas, NV

Major: Business and Communications
Minor: English
Campus Involvement: Kilworth Chapel Coordinator, Hawaii Club

Jess Narum '21

Orono, MN

Major: Communication and Spanish
Campus Involvement: Repertory Dance Group, Greek Life, Choir, Peer Allies

Eva Sophia Shimanski '23

Evergreen, CO

Major: Undecided
Minor: Spanish
Campus Involvement: Climbing Club, Puget Sound Outdoors (PSO), Clearcut Womens Ultimate Frisbee, Campus Visit Program, Honors Program, Orienatation Leader

Kyra Hartley

Walla Walla, WA

Major: Business Leadership Program
Campus Involvement: Greek life, Varsity swim team, Tour guide

Anna Macleod '21

Los Alamitos, CA

Major: Business Leadership Program and Economics
Minor: Math

Campus Involvement: WSS, Greek life, Repertory Dance Group, Phi Eta Sigma.