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Transfer Students

Students choose to change colleges for a variety of reasons, and that diversity of experience adds greatly to the Puget Sound campus community.  Whether you’re currently at another four-year school that doesn’t quite fit, you’re wrapping up your time at a two-year school and are ready to move on, or it’s been years since your last college class, we’d love to talk to you about how Puget Sound might fit into your future.  

To see if we’re the right fit for you, please review the important information below regarding academics at Puget Sound, our residential policy, and general eligibility for admission. You can also watch a video information session with our transfer admission coordinator, Torri Henson. Then feel free to explore the rest of our website!  The tabs to the right contain some valuable information specific to transfer students, but if you have any questions about Puget Sound or the transfer process, please email our transfer admission coordinator at

Academics at Puget Sound

The academics at Puget Sound are rigorous, with small, highly interactive classes which emphasize strong writing, excellent critical thinking skills, and robust interdisciplinary study.  Students are encouraged to apply their learning to the real world through a variety of experiential education opportunities, such as internships, research, and study abroad.

While our classes are innovative and engaging, they are offered in a fairly traditional format: on-campus and during the work week.  We do not offer online, evening, or weekend classes.  Please also note that scholarships and need-based financial aid are only available to students who are enrolled at Puget Sound full-time; part-time students are not eligible for any type of financial aid.

Residential Policy

In keeping with our identity as a national, residential, liberal arts college, Puget Sound is committed to an educational mission that supports learning both in and out of the classroom.  As such, all students are expected to live on-campus for at least their first two years; exceptions are made for students over the age of 22, students who are married, and students who have children. 

General Eligibility for Transfer Admission

To be eligible for admission at Puget Sound, an applicant must have a cumulative college GPA of at least 2.0 and be in good academic standing at their current (or most recent) college.

Prospective students whose only college work was taken concurrently with high school (via Running Start, dual or concurrent enrollment, middle college, or other similar program) should use the first-year application to apply.

Neither an associate’s degree nor any particular course of study is required for admission.  Puget Sound does not currently participate in any direct transfer or articulation agreements, but successful candidates will receive a detailed transfer credit evaluation upon admission.

With the exception of Music, students do not apply directly into a major.

Students interested in applying to the School of Music should contact the transfer admission coordinator right away to discuss audition deadlines.

Students may apply for either fall or spring enrollment. 

Learn More

We encourage all prospective transfer students to watch our video information session with Transfer Admission Coordinator Torri Henson (below) for an overview of the transfer process at Puget Sound.