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Credit Transfer Policy

College Credits Earned Prior to High School Graduation

College credits earned prior to high school graduation may transfer to Puget Sound if the credits are earned in regularly scheduled college classes taught on a college campus.  Such courses must be more advanced in the discipline than courses normally offered at the high school level.  In order to be eligible for transfer, the college courses must be composed primarily of degree-seeking college students and must be described in the college catalog.

Most high school students require four years of college preparatory work in order to succeed at Puget Sound.  High school students who take college courses that are essentially replacements for courses available in their high schools are viewed as doing their college preparatory work outside the high school, rather than accumulating baccalaureate-level credits.  Introductory level courses taken at a college instead of at the high school would be viewed as college preparatory, and would not generate baccalaureate transfer credits at Puget Sound.

However, students who have completed a course or sequence of courses offered at their high schools and who go on to do at a college more advanced work than their high school offers may earn baccalaureate transfer credits while in high school.  Examples of situations in which high school students might go beyond college-preparatory work to do college-level work are foreign language study beyond the level offered in the high school and mathematics study beyond the level offered in the high school.

College credits earned prior to high school graduation are therefore evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine whether or not they apply to a Puget Sound baccalaureate degree.  High school students planning to enroll at Puget Sound should consult with the Office of Admission before enrolling in courses at a college.

The university does not award transfer credit for “college-in-the-high-school” courses.