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Business Leadership Program

Apply to the Business Leadership Program

The Business Leadership Program (BLP) is a special program within the School of Business and Leadership that brings students, faculty, and business leaders together to examine leadership roles in both business and society. Each year up to twenty-five freshmen are admitted to the intensive four-year program. Upon completion, students receive a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration.

BLP is distinguished by a unique curriculum that blends academic coursework in business and interdisciplinary studies with seminars, special BLP sections, field trips, and a required internship. BLP students also are paired with business and corporate leaders from throughout the Pacific Northwest, who serve as mentors throughout the student's sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Having developed a solid understanding of the principles of business within a liberal arts educational environment, BLP graduates find open doors to top graduate schools and respected companies in the business world.

How can I find out more about the program?

A more detailed description of the program is contained in the Academic Department Overview for the Business Leadership Program or on the Business Leadership Program website. You can also take a closer look at the requirements for BLP in the Bulletin. If you have additional questions about the program, you may contact Nila Wiese in the School of Business and Leadership.

How can I apply to the Business Leadership Program?

Admission to BLP requires an additional application, which includes several short answer responses. Successful applicants are selected on the basis of both their academic potential and leadership ability.

If you have questions about the application process for BLP, please contact the program liaison. 

The BLP application deadline is Jan. 15.