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Application Checklist

Below you will find a complete list of requirements for first-year applicants. Applicants applying from schools outside of the U.S. should review the International Admissions Checklist. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admission at or 253.879.3211.

Common Application

Complete the Common Application, including the essay and $50 application fee, and submit your application online by the appropriate deadline. If the application fee is a significant financial burden for you and your family, we encourage you to request an application fee waiver through your counselor or college adviser.

Member Questions and Writing Supplement

Please fill out this section completely. If you agree to fill out the test-optional essay questions or if you indicate interest in the Business Leadership Program, Honors Program, and/or the Lillis and Matelich scholarships in this section then you will need to fill out the Writing Supplement. Your ability to access the Writing Supplement is triggered by your responses to the Member Questions. Complete these applications only if you are interested in applying for these programs. 

Early Decision Agreement

Students applying Early Decision I or Early Decision II must review and sign the terms of the agreement. You can submit the agreement electronically through the Common Application Member Questions section or print out a PDF version and mail or fax a copy to our office.

School Report

The School Report gives us information about your school, your curriculum, and your performance. Complete your portion of this form and give to your school counselor or other administrator. You may initiate the process electronically in the Assign Recommenders section of the Common Application.

Counselor and Teacher Evaluation

We request one recommendation from a counselor or advisor at your current school and one from a teacher at your current school. The Counselor Evaluation and Teacher Evaluation forms should be completed and sent to Puget Sound by the recommender. You may initiate the process electronically in the Assign Recommenders section of the Common Application.


Arrange to have official transcripts of all work completed at the high school and/or college level forwarded directly from the school(s) attended to the Puget Sound Office of Admission. Your high school counselor can submit your transcript with the School Report section of the Common Application.

Standardized Tests

Puget Sound has a test-optional policy. First, decide whether or not you would like to have your ACT or SAT scores submitted as part of your application. If you choose to submit your test scores, you must request to have the official score report forwarded to Puget sound directly from the testing agency.

  • College Board (SAT) code: 4067
  • ACT code: 4450

If you do not want to submit your test scores, you are required to submit answers to two short essay questions. Please note that standardized tests (SAT or ACT and TOEFL or IELTS) are still required for international citizens.


While admission interviews are not required, they are available. Interviews allow Puget Sound to get to know you and your interests beyond what an application can tell us. In-person interviews are available for students visiting campus and are conducted by Admission Counselors and Student Admission Associates. Admission Counselors and Alumni Representatives also offer online and off-campus interviews throughout the fall. To request an on-campus interview, please indicate your interest in your visit registration or check back later to request an off-campus interview in the fall.

Special Programs

  • Business Leadership Program: Students interested in joining the Business Leadership Program must submit BLP application materials found on the Puget Sound Writing Supplement by January 15.
  • Honors Program: Students interested in joining the Honors Program must submit Honors application materials found on the Puget Sound Writing Supplement by January 15.
  • Music: Students must audition, either in person or by recording, for acceptance to the major and/or for scholarship consideration. To audition, complete the audition application found on the Puget Sound Member Questions by December 15. Note: The Arts Supplement to the Common Application is not accepted.
  • Talent Scholarships: Puget Sound offers scholarships to incoming full-time undergraduates for performance excellence in music, theatre, art, and forensics. Students interested in being considered for these awards must submit additional applications.

Important Admission Dates

Important Admission Date Application DEADLINE Notification DATE
Early Decision Admission I November 15 December 15
Early Action Admission December 1 February 15
Early Decision Admission II January 1 February 15
Regular Decision Admission January 15 By April 1


Early Decision Agreement

Students applying Early Decision I or II must complete the electronic version of this agreement through the Common Application. You may also mail or fax a completed version of this form to the Office of Admission.