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ACAC Principles of Good Practice

All ACAC Interviewers must agree to the following Principles of Good Practice before conducting interviews on behalf of Puget Sound’s Alumni Council Admission Committee:

  • ACAC Interviewers will be familiar with the ACAC Interview Training Manual and agree to abide by it.
  • ACAC Interviewers will present a positive and welcoming perspective on Puget Sound when interacting with all prospective applicants.
  • ACAC Interviewers will be truthful and honest in all interactions with prospective students, and will act in the best interests of both the university and its prospective students.
  • ACAC Interviewers should not interview applicants they know personally, or when a social/professional relationship exists between the interviewer and the applicant’s family.  ACAC Interviewers with other potential conflicts of interest, real or perceived, should contact to discuss them.
  • ACAC Interviewers may not currently be working as educational/college consultants, and must not provide any services relating to college applications, such as essay writing, test prep, or application review (either for profit or pro-bono).
  • ACAC Interviewers may not be employed by an admissions, financial aid, development, or other related office at Puget Sound, or at another undergraduate institution.
  • ACAC Interviewers may not interview for more than one undergraduate institution in the same year. (i.e., a person with degrees from multiple institutions may only conduct undergraduate interviews for one alma mater in a given application cycle).
  • ACAC Interviewers with a child applying to Puget Sound must inform their Regional Captain as well as of this fact, and are expected to refrain from interviewing for that application cycle.  Regional Captains with a child applying to Puget Sound must inform the Interview Program staff of this fact, and are expected to refrain from interviewing for that application cycle.
  • Interviews with prospective students will be in person (not phone or Skype) and must be conducted in public locations, and at places and times that are mutually convenient and agreed upon.
  • ACAC Interviewers shall avoid questions, comments, and discussions that lead to direct competition with or comparison to another undergraduate institution. ACAC Interviewers should not ask an applicant about other schools to which they have applied, although they may record this information in their report if the student volunteers it.  If another institution is mentioned in conversation, ACAC Interviewers shall show respect for that institution.
  • ACAC Interviewers shall avoid any discussion of the likelihood the prospective student will be accepted or denied and shall avoid any discussion of the likelihood of financial aid.
  • ACAC Interviewers shall not provide transportation to prospective students.
  • ACAC Interviewers shall not accept gifts from a prospective student or give gifts to a prospective student.
  • ACAC Interviewers must not provide prospect student-athletes with any benefits which are not available to all prospective students being interviewed through the admission process.
  • ACAC Interviewers will refrain from using alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, and profanity when interviewing prospective students.
  • ACAC interviewers will ensure that appropriate physical, emotional, and sexual boundaries are maintained at all times.
  • ACAC Interviewers will regard as confidential all information about prospective students. ACAC Interviewers will share information only with staff members of Puget Sound’s Office of Admission and will not store any personal information about prospective students on their personal computers.
  • ACAC Interviewers will have access to SoundNet, a secure, on-line tool that will be used for sharing prospective student information for the purpose of scheduling interviews.  This information must be treated as confidential, and never shared or used for any other reason.  ACAC Interviewers must never share their login information with others, even if they think others are entitled to the online information.
  • ACAC Interviewers agree to uphold these standards.  ACAC Interviewers will notify the Alumni Council Admission Committee ( if they commit or witness any breach of these expectations.

Admission ACAC Interviewer Standards

Admission ACAC Interviewer Standards

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