What directions do music students head after graduation? Links below send you to pages that present stories about some of our alumni and their successes. There are many narratives to tell, so the profiles here provide only a glimpse of the many great stories of our graduates. Each set of profiles is followed by a partial list of alumni also active in a particular field. If you are an alumnus or alumna and would like to have your name added to one of these lists, please contact Gerard Morris.

Careers change, as the stories below attest. Alumni are listed here by their current primary occupations.

Performance: Michael Buchanan, Philip Cutlip, Robert McPhersen

Professional Ensembles: Neal Bernsten

Music Education: Justin Ehli, Chris Burns, Michelle Waller, Rita Brown

Higher Education: Freda Herseth

Music Business: Steve Wehmhoff, Cara Cantowine, Wayne Ledbetter

Sacred Music: Carol and Dirk Damonte

Fields Outside of Music: Amanda Wilson, Brian Knowlton

Entrepreneurship: Erin McKibben