Why Study Abroad?

Complement your Liberal Arts Education! Learn from and about the world! Make yourself even more attractive to employers!

Study Abroad is a high impact practice and is beneficial for you academically, professionally, and personally. It’s an adventure and an investment in your future. We want you to understand the complexities of our diverse world and to strengthen your skill sets and intercultural understanding to be able to excel in all environments.

Academic Benefits of Study Abroad:

  • Strengthen foreign language skills
  • Develop a greater understanding of a new culture as well as a deeper understanding of your own culture
  • Gain a heightened academic focus
  • Begin developing a topic for a senior thesis
  • Learn about your major or other academic interests from a different perspective
  • Complement your major or minor with courses not offered at Puget Sound

Professional Benefits of Study Abroad:

  • Employers are looking to hire students with skills that can be acquired through study abroad such as the ability to work successfully with people from different cultures and backgrounds, flexibility, and an ability to handle ambiguity
  • Participate in programs with internships, volunteer opportunities, and research opportunities
  • Create international connections and broaden your professional networks
  • Study Abroad students at Puget Sound receive national fellowships and scholarships at a higher rate than their peers who don’t study abroad

Personal Benefits of Study Abroad:

  • Gain in self-confidence and become more independent
  • Make lasting friendships with peers from around the world
  • Become more flexible and adapt easily to new situations
  • Enhance critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills