2011-12 Photo Contest

The Office of International Programs is pleased to announce the winners of the 2011-12 Study Abroad Photo Contest!

The winner of each category is displayed below, as well as selected finalists.

We invited students to submit photos from their Study Abroad experience in the following categories: Places, People, Puget Sound Students Abroad, and Most Artistic. There were many amazing submissions and the winners in each category were chosen by students votes.

Pack your camera along next time you travel and return to campus with prize winning photographs for the next Photo Contest!

"Most Artistic" Winner - Bonnie Wirth (Turks & Caicos) "People" Winner - Joelle Luongo (Kedougou, Senegal) "Places" Winner - Brooke Jangard (Patagonia, Argentina) "UPS Students" Winner - Chloe Thornton (South Africa) "Most Artistic" - Ashley Poppenwimer (Prague, Czech Republic) "Most Artistic" - Connie Suh (Shanghai, China) "Most Artistic" - Joelle Luongo (Touba, Senegal) "Most Artistic" - Meg Gilbertson (Sahara Desert, Morocco) "Most Artistic" - Shanna Murraywolf (Tangier, Morocco) "People" - Allen Ward (Dublin, Ireland) "People" - Gaelyn Moore (Ethwar, Senegal) "People" - Shoshana Gould (Langa, South Africa) "People" - Shoshana Gould (Tshabo, South Africa) "People" - Veronica Diaz (Mongolia) "People" - Veronica Diaz (Mongolia) "Places" - Hannah Findling (Patagonia, Chile) "Places" - Treva Vollmer (Prague, Czech Republic) "Places" - Walker Bohannan (Chateau de Chenonceau, France) "Places" - Wiley Putnam (Venice, Italy) "Places" - Allen Ward (Paris, France) "UPS Students" - Bert Weeks (Turks & Caicos) "UPS Students" - Courtney Reutzel (Sydney, Australia) "UPS Students" - Lindsay Layland (Bathurst, Australia) "UPS Students" - Sarah Plummer (Botswana) "UPS Students" - Shanna Murraywolf (Tangier, Morocco)