Taiwan Summer Program

Explore Taiwanese and Chinese cultures while participating in an eight-week, language-intensive program in the city of Taichung. Many students participate in this stand-along summer program - which can also serve as a preparatory session for them to continue their study abroad either in China or Taiwan during the following school year.


Students enroll at the Tunghai University, which has been a pioneer in higher education in Taiwan since its establishment in 1955. The campus is nestled in the city of Taichung, which is the third largest city in Taiwan and is approximately a two-hour bus ride from the capital city of Taipei. Numerous tourist attractions are nearby, such as Lukang township and Sun Moon Lake. The City of Taichung has many traditional teahouses, Buddhist/Taoist temples, night markets and museums. Dakung Scenic Trails offer great hiking in the outskirts of the City.


Students are typically housed in dormitories on campus, four to a room with at least one native Taiwanese student. The dormitory room will provide necessary living items, and there is a fully air-conditioned computer lab with free internet access.


The program will offer intensive language training in Mandarin Chinese at three different levels, which will be determined based on how many courses the student has taken previously. Tutorial assistance outside the regular classes, field trips and local excursions will be offered as integral part of this program.


The tentative program dates are June 25 - August 17, 2018. Students should plan on arriving in Taiwan a couple days prior to the program starting date, and no later than June 25. Housing will be available the night before the program begins. 


2018 Estimated cost: $4,500

Includes tuition, infirmary health care, field trips and lodging. Additional expenses include, but are not limited to, international travel, passport and visa fee, health insurance and dining.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION VISIT: http://chinese4u.edublogs.org/study-abroad/taiwan-summer-2018/


Lo Sun "Lotus" Perry

Instructor, Asian Studies Program

Wyatt Hall, Room 246