Schedule of Events

MONDAY, NOV 16, 2020

Announcing the 2020 Study Abroad Photo Contest Winners

12pm PST 

Join the Office of International Programs as we announce the winners of the 2020 Study Abroad Photo Contest and view some of the amazing photos our study abroad students have taken during their time abroad. For more information about our annual Study Abroad Photo Contest, visit our webpage. Winners will be announced on Instagram so be sure to follow us! 

Explore opportunities with the Peace Corps and learn about Puget Sound’s Peace Corps Prep Program

4:00PM PST | Zoom Link

Join Tamorie Mayweather, Senior Recruiter with the Peace Corps and Matt Warning, Professor of Economics and Puget Sound’s Peace Corps Prep Program Advisor to learn about exciting Peace Corps opportunities around the world and how the Peace Corps Prep Program can help you to realize your international development and international service goals.

Dijon Study Abroad Interest Meeting

5:00pm PST | NEW LINK:

Are you thinking about studying abroad in France, particularly in Dijon?  Come learn more!  First-year students and sophomores especially welcome.  Several participants from last year’s Dijon program will be in attendance, and you will get to virtually hear from our Dijon Onsite Director, Nathalie Choplain.  For more information, contact Diane Kelley (

An Evening of Patagonia Cuisine: Empanadas, Mate and Malbec with Study Abroad Alumni and Current Senior, Emma Piorier and Bethany Llewellyn

6:30pm PST | Zoom Link

Emma and Bethany studied abroad their junior year of school with Round River Conservation Studies Patagonia and SIT Argentina: Human Rights and Social Movements. Though they were in different countries, Bethany was located in Chile and Emma in Argentina, they both spent time immersing themselves in the lives, customs and food of the expansive Patagonian region. Through their time abroad they found family, a sense of community and a deep love for Patagonian culture thorough the sharing and preparation of food. These dishes have stayed with them since their time in South America and they can’t wait, with Malbec and Mate in hand, to share some Patagonian hospitality with you while cooking empanadas.

If you are interested in cooking empanadas along with Emma and Bethany you will need:

For the dough-

  • 750 grams flour
  • 4 ounces lard or butter
  • salt
  • a few cups of oil for frying

For the filling-

The beauty about empanadas is that they taste good with almost anything inside them! We will walk you through two variations but feel free to adapt the recipe with whatever you have in your fridge. These are vegetarian but could be delicious with meat.

  • Empanadas con vegetales y queso: mushrooms, garlic, kale/leafy green, cheese of choice
  • Empanadas Caprese: Mozzarella, tomato, basil

Wine encouraged for 21+ audience members. Malbec preferred. 

TUESDAY, NOV 17, 2020

Learn about Puget Sound’s Pacific Rim Study Abroad Program

11:00AM PST | Zoom link

Join Asian Studies Director, Nick Kontogeorgopoulos, for an information session about Puget Sound’s Pacific Rim Study Abroad Program that provides an incredible opportunity for 25 Puget Sound students to study abroad in Asia for 9 months.

Everybody Wants to Go Abroad: making Study Abroad a place for Students of Color

4:00PM PST | Zoom link

Join Dr. LaToya Brackett, Assistant Professor of African American Studies, Vivie Nguyen, Director – Office of Intercultural Engagement, as well as returnee study abroad students of color to discuss their experiences studying abroad and creating study abroad programs as places for students of color.

Maneuvering Through Complex Social/Political/Cultural Issues While Abroad: an open discussion of an intriguing podcast

6:00pm pst | Zoom link

Join Eli Harris, study abroad returnee from IES Amsterdam, for an open discussion about working through difficult social/political/cultural issues while abroad through the lens of a recent Rough Translation podcast about Zwart Piet in the Netherlands. 


Study Abroad in Scandinavia with DIS Info Session

11am Pst | Zoom Link

Interested in studying in either Denmark or Sweden? Areas of study include Psychology, Biology, Communication, Environmental Studies, and many more! This event is co-hosted by the Office of International Programs and DIS

Puget Sound Study Abroad 101

12:00Pm PST | Zoom link

Join the Office of International Programs staff and recent study abroad returnees to learn about study abroad and how to make it happen for you!

Wanting to go abroad before or after graduation? Fellowships and Scholarships can help you get there

2:00PM PST | Zoom link

Join Kelli Delaney, Associate Director of Fellowships and Academic Advising, to learn about fellowships and scholarships with an international focus.

Teaching English Abroad - How to make it happen

5:00PM PST | zoom link

Join a group of recent Puget Sound graduates to hear about their experiences teaching English abroad and how they were able to secure their international positions.

Netflix Movie Night - "Flavors of Youth"


Join the Michel Rocchi International District (MRID) and  Students of International Communities
(SOIC) for a Netflix showing of “Flavors of Youth". This film is split into three different parts or stories and is set in China and Japan

THURSDAY, NOV 19, 2020

Puget Sound Faculty – What you need to know about creating and running a faculty-led study abroad program

4:00PM PST | zoom link

Join Gareth Barkin, Chair – Department of Sociology & Anthropology and Co-Chair of the International Education Committee (IEC), and Roy Robinson, Director of International Programs, to discuss the process for creating and running a study abroad program.

Remembering Study Abroad - Sharing favorite moments and memories

6:00pm PST | Zoom Link 

Join study abroad returnees Abby Blair and Rachel Jackson to share your favorite moment, memory and/or picture from your study abroad experience.