International Programs Expectations of You

We rely on you to do your part by being mindful of the following expectations we have of you:

  1. Carefully read and save ALL emails and materials International Programs and our partners provide you. In most cases, answers can easily be found in past email correspondence, a program handbook, or on our website. Create a study abroad folder in your email account to file important messages that you may need to retrieve later.
  2. Work directly with International Programs and resist recruiting or allowing your parents to take care of matters for you. After all, you are the one who is studying abroad, not your parents. You can navigate the University of Puget Sound system better than they can, and in many cases we are not at liberty to share information with them about your situation out of respect for federal privacy restrictions (FERPA).
  3. Practice pro-active information-seeking. Voice your concerns to International Programs well in advance, instead of waiting for us to anticipate your individual needs and questions. If after having reviewed your program materials and emails, you still can’t find the answers to your questions, feel free to ask us.
  4. These pre-departure responsibilities are designed to help you exercise the independent problem-solving skills that you will need to rely heavily upon once you are abroad, as well as to cope with challenges of the real world long after you graduate.
  5. Participate in orientation sessions given by Puget Sound
    Sometimes your questions won’t be answered directly, but instead you’ll be referred to a website or email. Consider this good practice in utilizing your available resources to find answers, handling ambiguous situations and deciphering indirect communication, all of which you’ll likely encounter abroad. You’ll be proud of what you can accomplish on your own when you are there, and will surprise yourself with the numerous opportunities for personal, professional and academic growth during your study abroad experience.