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Jackson, Martin

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Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

BS, University of Puget Sound, 1984
MS, PhD, University of Oregon, 1985, 1990

Jacobson, Robin

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Professor and Chair, Politics and Government

BS, Johns Hopkins University, 1996
PhD, University of Oregon, 2004

Jasinski, James

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Professor, Communication Studies

BA, MA, Northern Illinois University, 1978, 1980
PhD, Northwestern University, 1986

Johnson, Gregory

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Visiting Assistant Professor

BS, Whitworth University, 1997
PhD, Arizona State University, 2003

Johnson, Kristin

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Professor and Director, Science, Technology and Society Program

BA, University of Washington, 1997
MA, PhD, Oregon State University, 2000, 2003

Johnson, Lisa

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Professor, Business and Leadership

BA, MPA, Indiana University, 1996, 1997
JD, Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College, 2001
MFA, Pacific Lutheran University, 2010
PhD, Portland State University, 2011

Johnson, Michael

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Professor, Art and Art History

BFA, University of Massachusetts, 1992
MFA, University of Cincinnati, 1995

Johnson, Sheryl J.


Visiting Assistant Professor, Business and Leadership

BS, Trinity International University, 1969
MSE, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, 1980
PhD, University of Minnesota, 1997

Joshi, Priti

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Professor, English and James Dolliver National Endowment for the Humanities Distinguished Teaching Co-Professor

BA, University of Maryland, 1988
PhD, Rutgers University, 1998