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Barkin, Gareth

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Professor and Chair, Sociology & Anthropology

BA, University of California, 1995
AM, PhD, Washington University, 2000, 2004

Barry, William

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Professor, Classics
(On Sabbatical Fall 2019)

BA, Whitman College, 1980
MA, PhD, University of Michigan, 1984, 1988

Bartanen, Kristine

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Professor, Communication Studies

BA, Pacific University, 1974
MA, PhD, University of Iowa, 1975, 1978

Bates, Bernard 

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Instructor, Physics

BA, Brown University, 1977
MS, PhD, University of Washington, 1981, 1986

Beardsley, William

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Professor, Philosophy

BA, Johns Hopkins University, 1976
MA, PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 1978, 1984

Beck, Terence

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Professor, Education

BA, Seattle Pacific University, 1979
MEd, University of Puget Sound, 1990
PhD, University of Washington, 2000

Beezer, Robert

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Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science

BS, University of Santa Clara, 1978
MS, PhD, University of Illinois, 1982, 1984

Belot, Francoise M.

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Visiting Instructor, French Studies

Maitrise, Universite de Nice-France, 1998
DEA, Universite de Nice-France, 1999
MA, PhD, University of Washington-Seattle, 2004, 2013

Bennett, Natasha

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Visiting Assistant Professor
Politics & Government

BA, Rutgers University, New Brunswick  2011
MA, University of California, Santa Barbara 2013
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara 2018

Benveniste, Michael

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Assistant Professor, English

BA, MA, University of California-Santa Barbara, 2000, 2003
PhD, Stanford University, 2012

Bernhard, James

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Professor and Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science

BA, Princeton University, 1993
PhD, Harvard University, 2000

Beyer, Tim

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Associate Professor and Chair, Psychology

BA, Washington University, 2001
PhD, University of California-Berkeley, 2006

Bodine, Sigrun

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Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
(On Sabbatical Fall 2019)

MA, San Diego State University, 1991
MS, University of Ulm, 1992
PhD, University of Southern California, 1998

Boer, Mary

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Clinical Instructor, Education

BA, MAT, University of Puget Sound, 1996, 1998

Boisvert, Luc

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Associate Professor, Chemistry

BS, PhD, Sherbrooke University-Canada, 1999, 2006

Boyles, Robert

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Clinical Professor, Physical Therapy

BS, Eastern Washington University, 1989
MS, DSc, Baylor University, 1991, 2002

Brackett, LaToya T.

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Visiting Assistant Professor, African American Studies
Race and Pedagogy Institute

BA, Cornell University, 2006
MA, PhD, Michigan State University, 2011

Bristow, Nancy

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Professor, History Chair

BA, Colorado College, 1980
MA, PhD, University of California-Berkeley, 1983, 1989

Brody, Nicholas P.

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Associate Professor, Communication Studies
(On Sabbatical Fall 2019)

BS, The University of Texas at Austin, 2005
MA, Arizona State University, 2009
PhD, The University of Texas at Austin, 2013

Brown, Gwynne K.

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Professor, Music

BM, University of Puget Sound, 1995
MM, Indiana University, 1997
PhD, University of Washington, 2006

Buescher, Derek

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Professor, Communication Studies and Director of Forensics

BA, Whitman College, 1992
MA, University of California-Davis, 1995
PhD, University of Utah, 2003

Burgard, Daniel

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Professor, Chemistry

BA, The Colorado College, 1996
PhD, University of Denver, 2006