2016 Experiential Learning Spring Symposium

Flyer for 2016 Spring Symposium


2016 Spring Symposium:
Transformative Experiences - An Experiential Learning Celebration

Tuesday, February 23, Tahoma Room


Student Speakers:
Elena Becker, ENVR 335B: Biodiversity and Conservation in Borneo, Malaysia
Meredith Shores, Field School in Namibia and Botswana
Louisa Raitt, PG 399: Latin America Travel Seminar (Cuba)
Dominic Skinner, NeuroArt
Bella Graves, ENVR 357: Environmental Challenge
Cheyenne Dewey, Madrid Summers
Rachel Schroder, SSI2: Agons of Athens, Reacting to the Past
Chris Terronez: BUS482: Strategic Management and Consulting
Carson Lyness, ENVR/IPE360: Food Systems Northwest
Kieran O’Neil, McCarver Elementary/SOAN319: Cultural Politics of Global Development
Becca Long, Internship: Indigenous Wellness Research Institute
Carsen Nies, FEPPS: Freedom Education Project Puget Sound
Mia Kelliher, Study Abroad (Freiburg, Germany)