Adventure: Mississippi River

Adventure: Mississippi River
is an experiential learning program, offering students the opportunity to learn about the river and its history, engage the practice and proliferation of citizen science, study expedition management, participate in the adventure of rowing the length of the Mississippi, and earn internship experience through serving as shore crew here at Puget Sound during the river adventure. Two courses (CONN 358: The Mississippi River and BUS 303: Expedition Management) are required for students interested in joining the shore or river crews of the 2017 expedition.

CONN 358: The Mississippi River
| Syllabus
Professor Nancy Bristow
Spring 2017: Tu/Th 2:00-3:20pm
Named with an Ojibwa word meaning “Great River,” the Mississippi River is 2,320 miles long, its drainage basin covering 32 states and roughly 40 percent of the United States.  This course considers the river as both an historical and an imaginative site, a place where a diversity of peoples have lived, loved, worked, dreamed, adventured, fostered or fought enslavement and genocide, and died, and also as a place that has played a role in the imaginations of those peoples. The course will also explore contemporary issues ranging from the environmental consequences of attempting to control the river to the racial crises that infuse the cities along its banks.  Students will have the opportunity to reflect on their own relationship with the river and to develop projects framed by their interests and educational goals.

BUS 303: Expedition Management
Professor Lynnette Claire and Jordan Hanssen
Spring 2017: M 12:00-12:50pm (.25 academic credit)
Expedition Management explores the theoretical basis of topics important to teams, such as group development and functioning, feedback, leadership, followership, coordination, accountability, planning, communication, conflict and funding. Specifically, this course uses outdoor expeditions as the focus of course assignments and discussion. Student-led expeditions provide the experiential learning context for assignments wherein they will experiment with application of theoretical knowledge, thus learning to ask relevant questions about the theories and exploring their applicability.

Faculty: Nancy Bristow, Lynnette Claire, Peter Hodum
Shore Team: Chris Eichar, Beatrix Evans, Ryder Marsden, Bennet Roper
Boat Team: Sam Friedman, Eric Nathanson, Audra Tromly, Calli Vasatka
Boat Team/Community Partner Lead: Jordan Hanssen, OAR Northwest
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Experiential Learning Adventure Mississippi River Info

Experiential Learning Adventure Mississippi River Info

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