Be a Program Assistant!

Puget Sound students who serve as Program Assistants will work closely with faculty, students, staff and possibly community partners to coordinate experiential learning opportunities, develop reflection activities and assignments, and support faculty.

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Applicants should have provided significant volunteer service, worked in an on-or off-campus job in a professional office, worked for a nonprofit organization or the equivalent. Strong candidates for this position should have excellent organization and communication skills, flexibility in hours, ability to maintain confidentiality, and a willingness to learn and contribute to conversations with other Program Assistants.


General Duties

Program Assistants work individually as well as with a team (which may include regular university staff members, faculty, community partners, and other student staff members) to develop and implement successful experiential learning opportunities for Puget Sound students. Program Assistants additionally follow instructions and guidelines set up by the Experiential Learning at Puget Sound leadership team and support other Program Assistants.

Specific duties will include the following:

  • Attend training sessions before the semester starts
  • Attend regularly scheduled Program Assistant meetings, complete assigned reflections, and set up and maintain regular office hours
  • Plan semester's work with professor(s) and other departmental instructors; meet regularly with instructors throughout the semester to assess progress and iron out problems
  • Notify students of available resource materials; help students obtain materials needed for their assignments
  • Read, comment on, record, and return student reflections, academic questions and lesson plans
  • Maintain personal communications with students throughout the semester. Assist them in carrying out assignments and solving problems.
  • Assist in administrating end-of-the-semester evaluations of project
  • Maintain a binder which will include such items as: training outlines/materials, sample lesson plans, journals, academic questions, and lists of resources for students

Depending on the assignment, specific duties may also include the following:

  • Organize mini-course teams, call first meeting of all teams
  • Schedule and offer training sessions for students
  • Help assign students; Maintain accurate records of student participation
  • Coordinate and support site visits  


Other Benefits

In addition to monetary compensation, serving as a Program Assistant offers students personal development opportunities that contribute to their set of valuable career skills. The list below is a starting point, not a total summary, of every possible benefit of joining our team.

As a Program Assistant you may:

  • Learn new communication skills
  • Gain teaching and trainings skills
  • Cultivate relationships with faculty and/or community partners
  • Develop logistics experience
  • Demonstrate ability to be responsible to multiple constituents
  • Create innovative ways to accomplish tasks
  • Contribute to the development of new programs

We are not accepting applications for Program Assistants at this time, but when we are, an application will be available on this page. Check back often!