Summer Immersion Internship Program

Interested in providing a Puget Sound student an internship opportunity at no cost to you? Our Summer Immersion Internship Program offers students who would otherwise not be able to participate in an unpaid internship program with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge on a career trajectory. 

Participating Pierce County organizations will engage a Puget Sound student for a ten-week assignment from approximately in mid-May through the end of July. Intern participants will work at least 30 hours each week, two of which will be reserved for a weekly educational component on campus. These weekly educational seminars will provide students with the opportunity to connect their intern experience with their academic discipline. Intern participants will work varying schedules depending on the needs of the participating organizations and will have limited academic assignments throughout the summer. Students who are selected for the internship program will engage in ongoing reflection and self-assessment culminating in a final presentation at a campus symposium in the Fall.

The University of Puget Sound will provide intern participants with a $3000 fellowship award, as well as ten weeks of on-campus housing for a total fee of $100. Our community partners provide intern participants with a rich and meaningful professional experience with their organizations.

To apply to be a partner in our Summer Immersion Internship Program in the future, please email with the following information:

  1. Name of direct supervisor of student interns
  2. Location of internship
  3. Link to organization's website
  4. Position description

Our Career and Employment Services suggests that the following components be included in position descriptions:  

  • Overview of organization and/or department 
  • Summary of responsibilities/tasks associated with the internship 
  • Summary of desired and/or required qualifications