Reflective Immersive Sophomore Experience (RISE)

The RISE program allows sophomores to connect their liberal arts education to off-campus, career environments. This course helps students build career knowledge in their areas of interest and be empowered to move confidently towards or away from a career field. RISE experiences include internships, jobs, volunteering, and more.

                                Connect with RISE PROGRAM MANAGER, Nicole Kendrick

In the RISE program, students will:

  1. Enroll in EXLN 201
  2. Attend five classes during the semester. Class topics include:
    • Articulating Your Narrative
    • Searching for Career Experiences
    • Resume & Cover Letter Writing
    • Interviewing
    • ProfessionalismIntern locally, nationally, or internationally over the summer
  3. Intern locally, nationally, or internationally over the summer
  4. Tell their story

More about EXLN 201: Reflective Immersive Sophomore Experience (RISE)

This course engages students in career pedagogy to provide students with preparation to search for, and engage in, a career experience. Students will participate in a series of personal reflective analyses to uncover their strengths, define their interests in order to have a meaningful career preparatory experience. There is a strong tradition that field experience – in the broadest sense of the word – can be an important part of a college education.  In very specific ways, career experiences represent a form of field experience (sometimes also referred to as experiential learning).

  • This Fall 2021, 4 sections of EXLN 201 will be offered, capped at 25 students - students will need to enroll in the class
  • Class will meet once per week for five weeks (80 minutes)
  • During the summer, students will participate in internships
  • In-progress grading will be used to bridge the semesters
  • Through the program, students will learn how to prepare career documents for an career experience search and get help identifying internship opportunities
  • Students will articulate the narrative of their experience via a final project using ePortfolio

Participation Requirements

  • Must be a Puget Sound student
  • Must be a sophomore (student's second year attending Puget Sound)
  • Good academic and conduct record 
  • Minimum of a 2.5 GPA
    *Exceptions will be considered via petition

Career Experience Information:

  • Local opportunities will be cultivated via Experiential Learning at Puget Sound
  • Students may also locate their own career experience or consult with Career and Employment Services to find an career experience
  • Career experience may be at local, national, or international sites
  • If a student chooses to an experience at a local site, limited low-cost, on-campus housing in a double room will be made available
  • Students are required to intern for at least 120 hours during the summer
  • Students must complete a learning agreement with their internship supervisor