Link & Loggers

A program that pairs Puget Sound students and Tacoma high school students to foster mentorship and success!


Link & Loggers was started in 2016 to connect Puget Sound students with juniors and seniors at Tacoma Public Schools (TPS) to provide tutoring and mentorship through the college application process.

In Spring of 2019, Puget Sound  signed on with CHI Franciscan, MultiCare, Tacoma Public Schools, Bates Technical College, UW Tacoma and TCC to support the creation of a Healthcare Careers Academy. This year the program is running as a pilot at Stadium High School with plans to expand to other Tacoma High Schools. The general goal is to promote preparation for college programs that will prepare students to take on positions in the health care industry broadly.

Tacoma schools serve a diverse population of students, many of whom will be the first in their family to pursue higher education. Students who do not come from a college-going culture frequently do not have the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to navigate the college application process in such a way that allows them to meet their own potential. A mentorship program focused on the college application process that starts early enough to offer meaningful advice and assistance is one way in which this need can be met.

Participants in Link & Loggers have worked with TPS high school students in the following schools:

  • Lincoln High School
  • Wilson High School
  • Stadium High School


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