Community Engagement

Getting involved is an important part of making connections between academic learning and experiences outside the classroom. We strive to engage with the community to create meaningful partnerships and enrich student learning. Students have opportunities to connect with over 250 community organizations as well as special events and initiatives.

Summer Internships

Experiential Learning helps Puget Sound students gain valuable career experience in the local community through internship programs designed to meet the unique needs of students and community partners.

Link and Loggers

Link & Loggers connects Puget Sound students with juniors and seniors at Tacoma Public Schools (TPS) to provide mentorship through the college application process. This program is currently partnering with the Healthcare Careers Collaborative pilot program at Stadium High School which aims to promote preparation for college programs that will prepare students to take on positions in the health care industry broadly.

Civic Scholarship Initiative

The Civic Scholarship Initiative connects Puget Sound's faculty and students with citizens of the South Sound in projects of mutual concern. Current programs include:

Race and Pedagogy Institute

The Race and Pedagogy Institute is a collaboration of Puget Sound and the South Sound community that integrates intellectual assets of the campus into a mutual and reciprocal partnership with local community experience and expertise, and pursues the vision of educating students and teachers at all levels to think critically about race and to act to eliminate racism.

The initiative sponsors numerous events for campus and community members, including a quadrennial national conference, guest lectures and performances, youth and family summits, and more.

Sound Policy Institute

The Sound Policy Institute builds the capacity of individuals and groups, both on our campus and in our regional community, to actively and effectively engage in environmental decision making.

Community-Based Courses

Civic engagement is an integral part of our curriculum, and can be seen in a growing number of community-based courses, which invite community members to campus for unique learning opportunities and take students out into the region to work with community members and apply principles learned in the classroom to solve real-world issues.

Prisons, Gender, and Education (REL 307) is an experiential learning class that combines academic content and weekly participation in a college program at the Washington Center for Women. Students spend 3 hours per week in study halls as part of the Freedom Education Project Puget Sound (FEPPS), a signature initiative of the University of Puget Sound and a non-profit that offers a rigorous college program leading to an Associate of Arts and Science degree for 148 incarcerated women.

Community Service

Puget Sound partners with more than 250 regional organizations where students regularly volunteer. Some of our annual and ongoing volunteer opportunities include: 

Alternative Breaks

Food Justice

Mentoring Program