Create Experiential Learning Opportunities

Create Experiential Learning Opportunities

Check out the resources we have gathered to assist faculty in implementing or supplementing experiential learning into your courses.

Create Experiential Learning Opportunities

Experiential Learning encourages engaging our students in experiences and apply classroom knowledge in ways that challenge them and integrates their academic and co-curricular experiences.

To support faculty innovation, we offer a variety of resources to fund new or improve existing experiential learning opportunities for students. We also provide a variety of resources that help faculty integrate experiential learning practices into their classrooms.

Download our Faculty Guide which provides a comprehensive description of resources you'll find in Experiential Learning.

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ePortfolio Consultation

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Available Resources

Find about more information about experiential learning pedagogies and high-impact educational practices.

Compass Puget Sound

Compass Puget Sound is a program of structured reflective conversations between student staff members and their supervisors. These conversations are designed to help students connect the skills and knowledge they gain at work with their classroom experiences, co-curricular activities, and career goals.