Master Digital Technology



Now, Mr. Lincoln?

Working with raw materials from the Collins Library archival collection, students in Honors 401 created this interactive site exploring the university's role in the "Now, Mr. Lincoln?" campaign of 1968--a series of fundraisers aimed at providing small-business loans to Tacoma's African American entrepreneurs.



Art of the Thought Experiment Exhibit


The Art of thought Experiments

Si-Won Song '15, a philosophy major and studio art minor, created a series of digital paintings to depict famous thought experiments in philosophy using as models various faculty and students from the Department of Philosophy at Puget Sound. Si-Won began the project as a "thank you" gift for his professors, but, "With the encouragement and support of my two advisors, it ended up becoming an independent study class, and grew into a larger project that involved the majority of the philosophy department, from faculty to students. This project is by a philosophy student, of people working in philosophy, and about philosophy."