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Louisa Raitt ’15  

Louisa (Art History and SOAN double major, Spanish minor)  is pursuing an M.A. degree in art history at the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University. Her studies focus on the visual culture of medieval and early modern Spain, following the interests she developed during the completion of a Summer Research Project in the Arts Humanities and Social Sciences on the church of Santiago de Compostela in 2014.

Andrew Griebeler ’09

Andrew (Art History and Biology double major) is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Art History at the University of California, Berkeley in Byzantine and Medieval art. He was recently awarded a three-year (2016-2019) David E. Finley Fellowship of the Center for Advanced Studies in the Visual Arts intended for research and travel in Europe related to his dissertation on Byzantine manuscripts of herbal medicine. The fellowship also provides a year-long residency at the Center to complete the dissertation and carry out curatorial work. Andrew published a study entitled, “Audiences on the Walls of St Clement,” in a volume edited by Beate Fricke and Urte Krass, The Public in the Picture: Involving the Beholder in Antique, Islamic, Byzantine and Western Medieval and Renaissance Art,” in 2015. Andrew’s translation of Beate Fricke’s book "Fallen Idols, Risen Saints from German to English" was published in 2015.



Julian Stone-Kronberg '09

Julian spent a year teaching English abroad, followed by two years of graduate school, and then found himself working for Cantor Commercial Real Estate ("CCRE"), where he helped to originate, underwrite, and transaction-manage commercial real estate loans.This led to his current position with Standard and Poor's ("S&P") ratings division. At S&P, Julian helps issue ratings for CMBS and Freddie Mac bonds, as well as other securitized products. He notes, "It was through studying philosophy that I learned how to make a cogent, well-supported arguments. The methodology and tools that have been employed to answer some of humankind's most intractable questions work just as well (if not better) at everyday tasks like pitching a deals to credit committee, showing how a loan's structure adequately accounts for market risk, or convincing an investor that a property has upside potential."


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