Experience a Wider World

Southwest Semester


Professor of English, Priti Joshi (pictured on left), joined the inaugural group of Southwest Semester students at Ghost Ranch, New Mexico for five days in October 2015. Prior to their departure in August, she shared fundamentals of travel writing with the students and set up a website to facilitate their reflections and posts. At Ghost Ranch, she led students on hikes where she asked them to write on the human presence in the environment on a micro and macro level.


At Ghost Ranch, Professor Joshi also collaborated with Art professor Elise Richman; together they asked students to reflect on the symbiosis of words and images, color and line, and to explore these tools as alternative “geologies.” Here, Priti and Elise are collecting samples of the iron-ore rich soil around their campsite.

Study Abroad: Vienna


Katharine Etsell, a double major in History and Art and a peer writing advisor, spent Spring 2016 studying abroad in Vienna, surrounded by eighteenth-century architecture and soaking up the cultural life of this vibrant city. As Katharine gained a deeper understanding of how the past has shaped the Viennese identity, she writes, “It was really special to step outside my American understanding of history – for example, the history of WWII – and gain a more broader perspective." Welcome back to campus, Katharine!




Internship: Institute of Ideas, London


Peter O'Meara, a Philosophy major, spent the summer of 2016 undertaking an internship at the Institute of Ideas in London. Here's what he had to say about his experience: "My time in England at the think tank known as the Institute of Ideas proved to be a domain in which my classroom teachings could shine. In the wake of Brexit, and in preparation for our think tank's most coveted debate forum, I found myself surrounded by the foremost issues of the day. When I was called upon to investigate the issue of Bodily Autonomy, I harkened back to my articles on Oocyte Cryopreservation from Ethics Bowl. Similarly, when attending a debate regarding self-driving cars at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, my experience in Moral Philosophy proved invaluable. When the turmoil brought about by Brexit was at a fervor, my think tank sponsored and attended a university debate on the matter, with both parties citing economic and democratic reasons for leaving and remaining.The application of my philosophy classes in a practical environment demonstrated the power of the subject beyond the ivory tower."