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Latin in the High Schools

The University of Puget Sound’s Classics Department is in the process of developing a “Latin in the High Schools Program.” This program will give Puget Sound Latin students, especially those interested in going on in the field, an opportunity to get a sense of whether they enjoy teaching, to serve their community, and to introduce students to the language and world of the Romans. In the past, Puget Sound Latinists have worked with students at Oakland High, an alternative high school in a high poverty area of Tacoma.



Ethics Bowl is a collaborative yet competitive event in which teams analyze a series of wide-ranging ethical dilemmas. In connection with Access Programs, members of the Puget Sound Ethics Bowl team are involved in coaching a high school ethics bowl team from Tacoma Public Schools.



Wayzgoose is a letterpress and book arts extravaganza where you can meet local printmakers and more! Under the tutelage of professor Janet Marcavage, Puget Sound students provide instruction on print making to community members attending this annual festival in Tacoma.