2003-04 Season

Fall Faculty-Directed Production
October 2003
Iphigenia at AulisIphigenia at Aulis by Euripides
Classical Greek play newly translated by Mary-Kay Gamel Directed by Jac Royce
Scenic Design by Kurt Walls
Production Photographs - Kurt Walls
Collins Library Play Guide - Iphigenia at Aulis
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Fall Student-Directed One Acts
December 2003

  • Flop Cop by Laura Cunningham, directed by Vanessa Driveness
  • A Solid Home by Elena Garro, directed by Sarah Jo Hurlbert
  • War Brides by Marion Craig Wentworth, directed by Wes Andrews
  • English Made Simple by David Ives, directed by Holly Garberson
  • Train Story by Adam Rapp, directed by Emily Carlsen
  • Terminating... Or Sonnet LVVX by Tony Kushner, directed by Anne Gish
  • Sunday Go To Meetin' by Shirley Lauro, directed by Ann Marie Caldwell
  • The Valentine Fairy by Ernest Thompson, directed by Nik Perleros
  • Disturbed by Brad Boesen, directed by Roberta Wilkinson
  • Last Tuesday by Donald Margulies, directed by Erica Nelson
  • Cannibals by Heather Dundas, directed by Jake Groshong
  • Lucy and the Mystery of the Vine-Encrusted Mansion by Don Nigro, directed by Jeff Grimm
  • The Most Massive Woman Wins by Madeleine George, directed by Leah Haloin
  • Throwing Your Voice by Craig Lucas, directed by Noah Blinder
  • Bridal Terrorism by Bill Rosenfield, directed by Alexis Tabor


Spring Faculty-Directed Production
March 2004
The Wild Goose CircusThe Wild Goose Circus by Russell Davis
Directed by Geoff Proehl
Scenic Design by Kurt Walls
Production Photographs by Kurt Walls
Costume Design by Doris Black
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Senior Theatre Festival
April 2004

  • Richard III by William Shakespeare, directed by Anne Gish
  • Fefu and Her Friends by Maria Irene Fornes, directed by Sarah Jo Hurlbert
  • Skin an adaptation of Buchner's Woyzeck by Naomi Iizuka, directed by Jeff Grimm
  • Zastrozzi: The Master of Discipline by George F. Walker, directed by Nik Perleros


Spring Student Directed One Acts
May 2004

  • The American Century by Murphy Guyer, directed by Virginia Gabby
  • The Zoo Story by Edward Albee, directed by Gene Bankhead
  • Dr. Fritz, or: The Forces of Light by David Ives, directed by Drew Humberd
  • What Use are Flowers? by Lorraine Hansberry, directed by by Emlyn Freeman
  • Icarus's Mother by Sam Shepard, directed by Ellie McKay