1993-94 Season

Fall Faculty-Directed Production
November 1993

  • The Winter's Tale by William Shakespeare
    Director – John Rindo
    Scenic Design – Scott Weldin
    Costume Design - Jeanne Arnold


Junior-Directed One Acts
November 1993

  • Postponing the Heat Death of the Universe by Stephen Gregg, directed by Jonathan Atkinson
  • White Liars by Peter Shaffer, directed by Stephanie J. Allison
  • Businessman's Lunch by Michael Quinn, directed by Phil Navallo
  • Medusa's Tale by Carol S. Lashof, directed by Sara Elizabeth Freeman
  • Life Under Water by Richard Greenberg, directed by Kristine Hostetter
  • Approaching Lavendar by Julie Beckett Crusher, directed by Jesse Hinds
  • A Need for Brussels Sprouts by Murray Schisgal, directed by Ken Fox
  • Graceland by Ellen Byron, directed by Jenn Krokower


Spring Faculty-Directed Production
February 1994

  • Êlektra by Sophokles, translation by Carl Mueller & Anna Krajewska-Wieczorek
    Director – Leslie Radford
    Scenic Design – Scott Weldin
    Costume Design - Jeanne Arnold


Spring Senior Theatre Festival
April 1994

  • Blood Moon by Nicholas Kazan, directed by Sara D. Laird
  • Mrs. California by Doris Baizley, directed by Kristine Hostetter
  • Schererazade by Marisha Chamberlain, directed by Amaya Egusquiza
  • Echoes by Richard Nash, directed by Nadja Linnine Masura
  • Orphans by Lyle Kessler, directed by Leslie A. Murray
  • Rosencrantz & Gildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard, directed by Alexander L. Pryor