1988-89 Season

Fall Faculty-Directed Production

  • Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare
    Directed by Diana Marré
    Scene Design - Edie Whitsett
    Costume and Lighting Design: Janet Snyder


2918 Off-Broadway Series (Graduating Senior Productions)

  • New Works: Gallery Paintings by Samantha Kahn, Biophysics by Derrick Tate, Not in the Mood for a Funeral by Lisa Lance, Untitled by Clarence Turner, Something Basic by Barb Farrar. New Works was developed in playwriting class (CTA 279/ENG 204) during the Fall semester, 1988. The course was taught by Diana Marré.
    Directed by Kim Wright
  • Deathwatch by Jean Genet
    Directed by David K. Organ


Spring Faculty-Directed Production

  • Shakespeare's Fantasies (Compiled by Shakespeare Class)
    Directed by John Lutterbie