Where Do I Start?

Experiential learning opportunities in Sociology & Anthropology.

Undeclared or non-SOAN majors

Take Introduction to Anthropology (SOAN 102) and learn about ethnographic methods through hands-on experiential projects


Take one of our experientially-focused elective courses, such as Visual & Media Anthropology (SOAN 308), Migrants in the Global City (SOAN 377), or Global Health (SOAN 360)

SOAN minors & majors, or those considering the major

All of the above, plus...


Take Ethnographic Methods (SOAN 299), and learn how to administer surveys, conduct interviews, engage in participant observation, mapping, and other forms of social research.


Depending on availability, consider applying for one of our short-term study abroad courses, such as Indonesia and Southeast Asia in Cultural Context (SOAN 312) or Migrants in the Global City (SOAN 377)

SOAN majors

All of the above, plus...


Consider engaging with your community by volunteering with local organizations such as Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP), Linc & Loggers, and Hilltop Urban Gardens


Consider a semester-long, immersive abroad experience that focused on anthropological and sociological topics, such as SIT programs in Morocco or Brazil, DIS Denmark, Development, Culture and Social Change in Oaxaca, Mexico, or the PacRim Program


Take Senior Research Seminar (SOAN 491) along with your Senior Thesis (490) to further develop your social research skills and to collaborate with your community


Consider presenting present your original research conducted in SOAN courses at a professional conference, such as the Pacific Sociological Association and the Society for Applied Anthropology