Awards & Honors

The C. Wright Mills Award 
Typically each year, the Sociology & Anthropology faculty selects one outstanding graduating Sociology & Anthropology senior as recipient of the C. Wright Mills Award. This award recognizes a student who, over the course of their undergraduate career, personifies excellence in the major and promise for outstanding scholarship in the field.


  • 1990: Richard A. Connolly
  • 1996: Julie Davidson
  • 1997: Amanda L. Cross and Hannah Knudsen
  • 1998: Debbie K. Hulbert

C. Wright MillsC. Wright Mills (1916-1962) was a leading sociologist of his time. Somewhat of a professional renegade, Mills was instrumental for, among other reasons, maintaining some Marxian/radical tradition in American sociology though he was not a Marxist. Among his more prominent works are White Collar (1951), The Power Elite (1956), and The Sociological Imagination (1959). He was critical of 'establishment' sociology that dominated the discipline in the U.S. and aside from his varied scholarly contributions, embodied the critical spirit of sociological analysis.


Departmental Honors 
Each year, the Sociology & Anthropology faculty will designate departmental honors to a select number graduating seniors. This recognition is based on the students' academic performance and other factors deemed crucial by faculty members.


  • 2001: Lindsay Taggart and Nancy Minton
  • 2000: Melanie Eltz, Rhianna Fronapfel, and Anne Golding
  • 1999: Kathryn T. Allen, Renee Kaufman, and Sarah Wolfstone
  • 1998: Debbie K. Hulbert, Heidi Rickauer, and Heather H. Rose
  • 1997: Aileen Balahadia, Amanda Cross, Melinda Iwen, and Hannah Knudsen
  • 1996: Cathleen Clark, Julie Davidson, and Myriam M. Rahman
  • 1995: Katharine Prael, Kimberly Wells, Valerie Campbell, and Kenneth Fox
  • 1994: Nancy Aalfs, Jennifer Comstock, and Melanie Forster
  • 1993: Rebecca Johnson and Joanne Leese
  • 1992: Sherene Head and Kathleen Kaemmer
  • 1991: Theresa Corless-Jenkins
  • 1990: Johanna Thunemann
  • 1989: Tiare Houk and Kent Miller
  • 1988: Sean Murphy
  • 1986: Bruce Wirth
  • 1985: Sandra Lindstrom
  • 1984: Joseph Walker
  • 1983: Mary O'Toole
  • 1980: Cathleen Finch

Recognition for Distinguished Departmental Service

  • 2001: Danielle Blank and Kari Imig
  • 2000: Anne Golding and Sara McGregor
  • 1999: Katy Allen
  • 1998: Michal Temple
  • 1997: Cody Z. Chalfin and Johannah S. Vosburg
  • 1996: Emily Littlefield and Jennifer Templin

Recipients of UPS Scholarships and Summer Research Awards

  • Paula Ewing, Carol Reed Scholar, 2000
  • Ben Reuler, Kilworth Scholar
  • Lindsay Taggart, Matelich Scholar, 2000-01; Carol Reed Scholar
  • Sarah Wolfstone, Carol Reed Scholar

Graduates Receiving National Honors

  • Amanda Cross, Ford Foundation Minority Fellowship
  • Julie Davidson, NIMH Minority Fellowship
  • Hannah Knudsen, NIH Graduate Fellowship