What can I do with a degree in STS?

Whether you are interested in science and public policy, research ethics, the relationship between science and religion, or the history of a particular discipline, a degree in Science, Technology and Society prepares you to think analytically about the relationship of science to the rest of culture.  The degree can be used to launch many different careers.  Some of the things that STS majors have done or plan on doing after graduation include working for an NGO (non-governmental organization), science writing, teaching, or pursuing seminary studies. A degree in STS can provide a  foundation for graduate studies in public policy, public health, history and philosophy of science (we have several alums just finishing their Ph. D.s  in history of science), and law school (STS provides a particularly good background for intellectual property law). With close attention to pre-requisites for dental or medical school, the degree also provides a strong foundation for pursuing a career in the health sciences. And one recent graduate has entered a master’s degree program in museum studies.