Congratulations to our amazing 2020 STS Graduates! We are so proud of you!


Katie Handick

Most memorable Puget Sound experience: It’s not a specific memory, but the nights I will remember most fondly at UPS were all of the loud, chaotic, music-filled nights working in the Cellar with my favorite people, laughing so hard our stomachs hurt. I smile looking back on those nights because I’m certain I’ll know some of those people forever!

Post graduation plans: I’m moving to Spokane, WA to pursue a Law degree at Gonzaga University. I hope to use my STS major and Bioethics emphasis to work in Healthcare Law, hopefully eventually back in Tacoma!

Advice to Share: A successful freshman year starts with a doorstop! My roommate and I kept our door open all the time and I met the people that have become my world, still four years later, just from random heads poking in!


Annelise Phelps

Most memorable Puget Sound Experience: Watching snow fall from inside Oppenheimer Café

Post-graduation Plans: Complete a year of service and eventually go to grad school to become a speech-language pathologist

Thoughts or advice to share? I think everyone should take an STS course during their time at UPS, regardless of their major!


Most memorable Puget Sound Experience: Academically, being able to intern at a hospital while studying abroad in Madrid and all of my wonderful STS and bioethics classes. Personally, the many supportive communities I found all over campus.

Post-graduation plans: I’m taking a gap year before pursuing occupational therapy. Long-term, I’m planning to also work in public health and/or bioethics.

Advice to share: Getting enough sleep counts for a lot. If you can, having one day most weeks without class, work, or meetings (and maybe even homework) can be invaluable.