The School of Business and Leadership at the University of Puget Sound provides our students with an innovative business education that prepares them for success as leaders in a complex and dynamic global environment.

The School fulfills its mission by:

  • teaching business fundamentals in a program embedded in the Liberal Arts.
  • offering a core curriculum that focuses on management, marketing, finance, accounting, law, and ethics.
  • emphasizing effective writing, speaking, problem solving, case analysis, and research methods.
  • offering majors in business administration, international business, and the Business Leadership Program.
  • promoting off-campus experiences including internships, mentoring, international work and study abroad, field research and problem solving projects.
  • striving for faculty excellence in teaching, advising, professional development, and University and community service.

By executing its mission, the School strengthens its ties to other academic units on campus, and helps to fulfill the overall mission of the university.