About Psi Chi

What is Psi Chi?
Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarhip, and advancing the science of psychology. Membership at Puget Sound is open to undergraduate students who are majoring in psychology and who meet the qualifications listed below. Psi Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

How do I become a member?
Invitations to join are based on academic accomplishments and the following membership requirements:

  • Must be a declared psychology major and established a GPA at Puget Sound
  • Must be at least a second-semester sophomore
  • Must have completed 3 or more psychology courses at Puget Sound.
  • Must have a psychology GPA that is a minimum of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Must have an overall GPA that is in the top 35% of your class based on rankings within sophomore, within junior, and within senior classes with a minimum overal GPA of 3.0 in cumulative grades.

What are the benefits of Psi Chi membership?
Membership to Psi Chi is for life. The national registration fee of $55 and Chapter Fee of $20 is the only payment ever made. Members receive a membership card and certificate.

Psi Chi provides national recognition for academic excellence in psychology. This honor can be advantageous for employment applications, vitae, and resumes.

Psi Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS), which offers in conjunction with the Washington Internship Institute (WII), merit-based scholarship to members of Psi Chi who apply and are selected to WII's internship program. Learn more about these scholarship from our links section below.

Psi Chi encourages student research at the regional and national as well as local levels through undergraduate and graduate research award competitions and provides opportunities for students to present research at regional and national psychological association meetings. Psi Chi provides over $250,000 annually in awards and grants to its student members, faculty advisors, and chapters.

Psi Chi members are eligible for special membership offers from the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Association of Psychological Science (APS).

Anne Stofferahn, Psi Chi President
Lillian Bengtson, Psi Chi Vice President
Erin Cummiskey, Psi Chi Scholarly Pursuits Chair
Taylor Trembly, Psi Chi Member Development
Jessica Gott, Psi Chi Cpater & Member Development
Amanda Fehr, Psi Chi UPS Lincoln HS Liaison
David Andresen, Faculty Advisor
Erin Colbert-White, Faculty Advisor
Sarah Moore, Chair, Psychology Department

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