Experimental Credit Policy

Research Participation Requirement: Empirical research is the cornerstone of psychology. As such, you will be required to earn eight research participation stickers this semester. (Note: 200-level elective courses require four research participation stickers.)  To do so, you must participate in research studies outside of class time. There will be department research nights later in the semester to make fulfilling the requirement easier. The majority of sign-up sheets for studies appear around midterm on the bulletin board outside of WEY318. You will receive your research participation stickers after completing a study, about one sticker for every 30 minutes the study requires. Stickers must be submitted all at one time one week before the last day of classes. If you do not wish to participate in research or did not earn enough research participation stickers, you can complete alternative writing assignments. Each writing assignment is worth 4 research participation stickers. Writing assignment instructions can be picked up from Nancy Beers in the Psychology main office (WEY307) and must be returned to her with the completed writing assignment. Writing assignments are also due one week before the last day of classes and will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Only passing writing assignments will earn research participation stickers. Failure to meet the research participation requirement of eight stickers (four in the case of 200-level electives) will result in your final course grade being reduced by one level on the grading scale (e.g., B to B-).