About the Program

The Neuroscience Program provides a forum for faculty and students interested in the sub-disciplines within the field of neuroscience. The program offers a general introductory course in neuroscience as an elective for all students, and also offers an interdisciplinary minor that may serve as an enhancement of, or complement to, any major of a student's choice. This interdisciplinary minor provides additional opportunities for students to develop skills necessary to become successful scientists and is recognized with a designation on the transcript upon graduation. Participation in the minor by both faculty and students facilitates involvement in broader neuroscience topics and contributes to a sense of community across departments. A key feature of this program is a research or internship experience in the field. Involving students in research with faculty not only broadens their knowledge and training in brain sciences, but also kindles an interest in and an appreciation for the methodological, philosophical, and ethical issues with which neuroscientists are concerned. This additional experience significantly improves the training of our students as they prepare for entry into careers in basic research, health care, secondary teaching, and public policy. Additionally, the Neuroscience Program is a part of a consortium of Northwest Liberal Arts Colleges offering Neuroscience experiences.

Partner Programs

Departments involved in this integrated discipline include: