Natural Science

About the Program

This major is designed to serve the needs of students who desire a broad background in the natural sciences. It may serve students who plan to teach at the junior or senior high levels (see the School of Education section of the Bulletin). It is also a useful major for those interested in a degree leading to graduate work in physical or occupational therapy. This is a logical major for Pre-Physical Therapy students, who must take courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Other students who wish a broad, interdisciplinary approach will want to look closely at the benefits offered by this major. In addition to meeting requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree, it provides for moderately in-depth study in one field of science as well as a background in other areas of mathematics and the natural sciences. Natural Science majors are not eligible for a double major in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, or Physics, nor for a double major in Natural Science.

Students interested in pursuing a major in Natural Science should consult with one of the coordinators.

The coordinators of the program reserve the right to require a student earning a Natural Science major to comply with the time limit rules required by the department of the Natural Science emphasis.