Kelton Mock, Double Bass

Name: Kelton Mock '15
Hometown: Providence, UT
Instrument: Double bass, jazz piano
Majors: Molecular & Cellular Biology, Music
Residence: On-campus house
Involvements in Music: Symphony Orchestra (Principal), Jazz Orchestra (piano and bass), Jazz Combos
Involvements In Biology: Internship at the Indiana University School of Medicine to research ovarian cancer (Summer 2014), Internship at the University of Utah to research Lyme arthritis (Summer 2013), Research at Utah State University on a nocturnal wasp gene phylogeny (Summer 2012)
Other Involvements on Campus: This past semester (Spring 2014), I hosted a radio show through KUPS 90.1 FM The Sound (campus radio station), in which I explored classic Latin American music from the 1940s-60s. With luck, I will be able to continue this show during my senior year. I am always amazed at the diversity of music shows at KUPS, especially among the shows hosted by music students!

On why I chose Puget Sound: I decided on Puget Sound because it seemed to be one of the few places where I could feasibly complete both a molecular biology and music degree in four years, without facing restrictions in terms of classes or ensemble participation. I was also offered a scholarship through the Lillis Family Foundation, which has made my Puget Sound education financially feasible. Personally, I found that in both the music and biology departments the academic environments were very rigorous, but in collaborative, non-competitive ways. This impression has only grown during my time studying here.

Favorite thing about Puget Sound and the School of Music: The sense of community is definitely my favorite part of the School of Music. After three years here, I feel like I have built many personal connections with faculty members, as a result of having classes with them, performing in ensembles with them, or both. There is also a lot of camaraderie among students in the Music department. The ensembles that I have participated in have felt more like groups of friends with common interests, as opposed to merely "degree requirements." I am happy to say that most of my very best friends are music students, or at least participants in Puget Sound ensembles.

Favorite musical memory at Puget Sound (so far): My favorite memory so far was the small student orchestra put together last year (2012-13) to play the original version of Copland’s Appalachian Spring and Wagner’s Siegfried Idyll under the direction of student conductor Joe Bozich (’13). Though we rehearsed and performed on fairly short notice, it was a blast to take on some challenging, but very beautiful small orchestra repertoire. I was amazed at the level of concentration that we achieved, for a group made up of fellow music students, and organized by a student conductor.

Favorite Classes:

  • My favorite music course so far has been the Music History series with Dr. Geoffrey Block. Not only has this course encouraged me to become critically engaged in evaluating historical arguments, but it has also opened my ears to whole genres that I would never have understood or appreciated had I not studied them through this class. Given that the course is designed as a survey, I was extremely impressed with the level of complexity that Dr. Block was able to achieve in his analysis of the composers and works that we took on.
  • My favorite non-music course thus far has been Microbiology with Dr. Mark Martin. This course completely changed the way that I think about the field of molecular biology, and exposed me to many incredible forms of microscopic life that affect our lives in enormous ways. I feel that this course helped me develop a “microbiological sensibility” that has affected the way I look at biological systems, and especially the human “micro-biome."

Favorite Place on Campus:
My favorite place on campus is the little wooded patch between the music building and Wyatt hall. It is a very lush, peaceful sliver of space and there are often a lot of hummingbirds buzzing around it.


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