Faithlina Chan, Cello

Name: Faithlina Chan
: Danville, CA
: Cello
: Cello Performance and Psychology
: On-Campus House
Musical Involvements
: Trio Consonare (attended Yehudi Menuhin Chamber Music Festival in San Francisco), Symphony Orchestra (co-principal), Winner of 2012-2013 Concerto/Aria Competition (movements from Elgar Cello Concerto), Bowdoin International Summer Music Festival
Involvements Outside Music
: UPS Christian Fellowship, Technology Services Client Support Team

On why I chose Puget Sound: Puget Sound is a hidden gem. I'd hardly heard of it but once I visited the beautiful campus and met with the cello teacher, I knew this was the right school for me.  Coupled with the wonderful environment of the school, I was confident in my decision to attend Puget Sound.

Favorite thing about Puget Sound and the School of Music: The professors are very friendly and truly care about their students. The small class sizes enable professors to take the time to meet with students individually for extra help or just to connect on a more personal level. Puget Sound also made the transition into college extremely smooth with a fantastic orientation program and students and professors who are ready to be there for you.

Favorite Classes:

  •  Music Theory (MUS 101 - 104) with Gwynne Brown - I've always been more of an instinctual player, so learning music theory has been beneficial to engage the more analytical part of music and gain tools for interpreting and creating music. Also, Dr. Brown is amazing!
  • Chamber Music - This program allows for so much growth as you develop the skills necessary for group work and collaboration of ideas. Being able to convey musical expression personally while constantly listening and blending to the sound of the group is a difficult skill but one that's gradually acquired by working together in rehearsals and coachings.

Favorite Musical Memory at Puget Sound: My favorite musical memory would have to be listening to Garden Level [an all-male a cappella group] sing. Another is my experience in studio class, because gathering all the cellists together calls for an uproariously fun time.

Favorite Place on Campus: Diversions Café is awesome because there's a great ambiance, people that temporarily distract you, nice baristas, music, and of course caffeine if needed. I also love the music building because of the lovely people that are there.


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