Delaney Pearson, Clarinet

Name: Delaney Pearson '15
Hometown: Gladstone, OR
Instrument: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Bachelor of Music in Clarinet Performance
Minor: Politics and Government
Residence: Off campus
Musical Involvements: Wind Ensemble (Principal), Symphony Orchestra (Principal), clarinet ensemble, chamber music, Puget Sound Youth Wind Ensemble (clarinet coach).

On why I chose Puget Sound: Puget Sound stuck out to me because of its small class sizes and the individualized attention you can get as a student here. You also get a lot of performance opportunities within the school of music, even as an underclassman. Jennifer Nelson (clarinet professor) also had a huge impact on my decision; she’s an outstanding clarinet professor, and has taught me so much about music, performance, and life.

Favorite thing about Puget Sound and the School of Music: The sense of community within the school of music is one of my favorite things about studying here. The students form such a collaborative atmosphere, and this is fostered by our outstanding faculty. The professors here want you to succeed, and give you all the tools necessary to do so.

Favorite Classes:

  • Western and World Music Since 1914 (MUS 333) with Dr. Gwynne Brown:  In this class we were able to explore modern classical music, jazz, pop, and world music. Dr. Brown does a fantastic job with this course, and it introduced me to some of my favorite composers and pieces.
  • Latin American Politics (PG 380) with Don Share: This class explored the political history of Latin American countries. I loved learning about other parts of the world, and how they work.

Favorite musical memory at Puget Sound (so far): In January the Wind Ensemble went on a tour of California and Oregon. It was an amazing bonding experience for the entire ensemble, and created so many wonderful memories – performing, as well as seeing the San Francisco Symphony, and hours spent on the bus – that will stick with me forever. I also had the privilege of performing David Maslanka's 4th Symphony with this ensemble, which stands as one of my favorite performances to date. There’s nothing like performing an amazing piece with amazing people.  

Favorite place on campus: I love going to Oppenheimer Café, because I am in frequent need of a caffeine fix, and it’s easy to run to in-between classes and rehearsals. The entirely glass structure is also perfect for studying, rain or shine and provides a welcoming but studious environment. The Student Lounge in the Music Building is another favorite haunt of mine, when I need a practice break or want to catch up with friends.

 I'm looking forward to: This summer (2014) I’m looking forward to working with Frank Kowalsky over a four-day master class seminar, and (hopefully) a master class with David Schifrin. I’ll also be working on repertoire for my senior recital and graduate school auditions in the fall.


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