Cole Jackson, French Horn & Voice

Name: Cole Jackson
Hometown: Portland, OR
Instrument: French Horn, Voice (Tenor)
Major: Biology
Minor: Music
Residence: On-campus house
Musical Involvements: Adelphian Concert Choir, Wind Ensemble, Garden Level, horn ensemble
Involvements Outside Music: Passages leader for Orientation, Specimen Preparator and Docent for Slater Museum of Natural History, tour guide for Campus Visit Program

On why I chose Puget Sound:  I chose Puget Sound for a variety of reasons, but the biggest factor in my decision was the university's drive to let students be and do what they want. At Puget Sound I am able to have a very active and rigorous participation in ensembles, but I don’t have to be a music major. I knew that at college I would want to keep playing horn and singing, but also that I wanted to become a biologist. Every other institution I applied for would have told me to pick one. Here at Puget Sound I am able to embrace and be actively involved in these very different passions with complete support from students and staff alike.

Favorite thing about Puget Sound and the School of Music: Professors. The professors in the School of Music, as well as throughout the school, are some of the best teachers and most intelligent individuals. They are all invested in their students and love what they do. I have had a ton more extracurricular experiences with my professors here than I would have had anywhere else.

Favorite class:  Ecology (Biology 211)! I loved this class! This class is what made me realize that in the future I might want to participate in research. At the end of the semester we were able to design our own experiments, perform them and discuss results.

Favorite musical memory at Puget Sound (so far):  While Garden Level concerts are always full of wonderful memories, I have to say that my favorite memory at Puget Sound was performing Symphony No. 4 by David Maslanka. This piece was a challenge for the ensemble and we all had to crank it up to 11 to be performance ready. The ensemble really took this piece and made it amazing.

Favorite place on campus: Definitely the Thompson/Harned buildings or the music lounge. I love Thompson/Harned because that is where my major is situated and I get to learn about biology as well as put it into practice in the labs. Also, the Slater Museum is located in Thompson. The music lounge is definitely one of my favorite places because it harbors a certain kind of community and camaraderie that you don’t see with other programs. It is a great place to sit and chill and hang out with other musicians.

Next year: Next year I am looking forward to another wonderful year with all of my ensembles! I can’t wait to be back into the rehearsal schedule and playing more challenging and fun music.



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