Brandi Main, Violin

Name: Brandi Main '16
: Coeur D'Alene, ID
Instruments: Violin, Piano
Major: Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance, member of Honors Program
Residence: Oppenheimer Hall
Musical Involvements: Symphony Orchestra, String Quartet, Sigma Alpha Iota, teaching violin and piano lessons to beginners
Involvements Outside Music: Lighthouse worship team, works at Valentino's Pizza in Idaho over the summer

On why I chose Puget Sound: When I first visited I immediately felt at home on campus. It is absolutely beautiful here. I was looking for a small liberal arts college with a prestigious music program and a study abroad program. During my sophomore year in high school, I received the opportunity to travel for a week to China, which was one of the best, most illuminating experiences of my life that gave me first-hand experience in a completely different culture. The study abroad program is outstanding here, and I wanted another experience that will allow me to continue to study in music and French or other languages in a completely foreign part of the world. I definitely found what I was looking for right here at Puget Sound.

Favorite Thing about Puget Sound and the School of Music: I love the faculty here at the School of Music. They are not only incredibly talented musicians, but also are very friendly and helpful whenever I have questions or strike up a conversation. I feel like the professors get to know you as your own person. Another favorite part about music here is getting to experience the professors' talent onstage in the Jacobsen Concert Series, which features performances by our very own music faculty members.

Favorite Classes:

  •  Symphony Orchestra - We get the chance to learn exceptional pieces of music. Symphony Orchestra also accompanies the winners of the Concerto/Aria Competition, which provides a spectacular experience for the soloist to be accompanied by a full symphony orchestra. 
  •   "European Past Lives" (HONORS 150) - We read autobiographies and other works that provide a reflection of society and history during the time these works were written. They are works that I would not have thought to read on my own; now that I have read novels such as a Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Confessions in this class, I have become more interested in such historical biographies, and am more likely to seek out works like these on my own.

Favorite musical memory at Puget Sound (so far): This is difficult to choose, but I would say one of my favorite memories would be performing in an ensemble for the Jacobsen Junior concert, which premiered our piano professor Duane Hulbert's original composition The Wild Adventures of Pecos Bill, and had other excellent Western-themed works. It was so much fun to dress up like cowboys and play for kids in the community!

Favorite place on campus: I cannot decide between Diversions Café and the Music Lounge. Diversions always has a fun atmosphere that is very welcoming and chill (I am often found there with friends doing music theory homework!). The Music Lounge is also a wonderful place to de-stress and hang out with other fellow musicians. I have met so many other music students in the Music Lounge that I otherwise would not have gotten to know, and there are definitely some marvelous students to meet here! It encourages the music program to become a healthy and supportive community for one another.


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