Brady McCowan, Saxophone

Name: Brady McCowan '15
Hometown: Saint Paul, MN
: Saxophone
: Bachelor of Music in Saxophone Performance
: Environmental Outdoor Leadership Community in Thomas Hall
Musical Involvements
: Wind Ensemble (tenor saxophone), Jazz Band (Lead Alto Saxophone), Puget Sound Saxophone Quartet (Baritone Saxophone), Jazz Combos (Tenor Saxophone), Symphony Revolution, MTNA Chamber Musical Finalists (Washington), two Tenor Saxophone/bass duets, Tenor/Baritone Saxophone in two Funk bands
Involvements Outside Music: Sustainability Services manager

On why I chose Puget Sound: I knew right away that I'd like the size of the school. I've made many friends here and we see each other regularly enough to stay close. On top of that, Puget Sound has both a remarkable music department and a very progressive sustainability program. I'm serious about both of these and love that I can balance my music major with my job in Sustainability Services to stay very involved with both.

Favorite things about Puget Sound and the School of Music: I love the campus, the vistas, and the surrounding neighborhood here. My job takes me through just about every part of campus, so I get to see all the awesome buildings I don't even have classes in. The area is especially nice because it's not terribly busy, but you also have a variety of shops and restaurants within walking distance. Within the School of Music, the people really make it the amazing community it is. There's a healthy level of competition and professors encourage a very serious attitude about learning and performing.

Favorite Classes:

  •  The Music Theory Notation sequence (MUS 102, 104, 202, 204) with Robert Hutchinson. He knows theory inside and out and covers a broad range of theory concepts in a logical order over the two year sequence.
  • "Writing Environments" (ENGL 126) with Darcy Irvin. She has an energetic, pithy teaching style that clicked with me, and I gained some valuable perspective on writing while studying contemporary environmental issues.

Favorite Musical Memory at Puget Sound (so far): I loved having friends over to drink tea and listen to and study music, a tradition that has lasted two years and will hopefully continue. Peforming with Chet Baughmann '12 and Joe Bozich '13 in the Wind Ensemble concert last spring was hugely inspiring. And, most recently, the several months I spent rehearsing and performing with the Puget Sound Saxophone Quartet were a period of close friendship and enormous musical growth that I will always remember fondly.

Favorite Place on Campus: The music building. There's such a diversity of personalities between the music students here that the community between us is not only tightly-knit, but also dynamic and fun to be a part of. Beyond that, the faculty members are some of the most knowledgeable, charismatic people I've known, and I'm constantly reminded of how fortunate I am to learn from them and be around them.


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