Alex Simon, Voice

Name: Alex Simon '16
Hometown: Corvallis, OR
Instrument: Voice (Baritone), Trumpet
Major: Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance
Residence: On-campus house
Musical Involvements: Adelphian Concert Choir (Tour Manager), Voci d'Amici, Wind Ensemble, Trumpet Ensemble, Recipient of Doc & Lucille Weathers Music Scholarship, 2014 NATS Competition Tahoma Chapter (Honorable Mention in Male Classical College I), Portland Symphonic Choir intern

On why I chose Puget Sound: Two of my older siblings both graduated from the School of Music at Puget Sound, so I have had a connection with the school for nearly 10 years, and that gave me a head start when I started looking into different schools. When I took my first visit here as a high school student, I was thoroughly impressed by Puget Sound's strong music department as well as the sense of community that was exhibited throughout the campus. I also appreciated having the ability to communicate with the professors on an individual basis, which was not the case at many other schools I applied to. Overall though, I believed that the structure provided by a liberal arts education built around my musical experience would prepare me the best for the future.

Favorite thing about Puget Sound and the School of Music: There are so many great things about Puget Sound! First of all, I love interacting with all of the professors here, since they are so knowledgeable and sincere. Secondly, the students here are all so supportive of one another, especially in the music department. In general, these two factors help make me feel like I am at home here on campus. I also thoroughly enjoy working with highly skilled music ensembles every day and learning new musical ideas in my various music courses. There is no greater joy than creating beautiful music and developing new musical ideas with the students and professors of Puget Sound!

Favorite Classes:

  • "Advanced Choral Conducting" (MUS 390) with Steven Zopfi - Although I had known the basics of choral conducting going into the course, it was interesting to explore the different factors of conducting a choir, such as the rehearsal process and how to properly analyze choral music. This class also gave me more opportunities to develop my conducting and integrate ideas discussed throughout the class. Altogether, this course was fun and engaging in many different ways.
  • "Social Organization and Change in the Developing World" (SOAN 118) - This was such a fascinating course for me, mainly because I got the opportunity to learn more about Chile's development and growth as an industrial country. (A large part of my family is from Chile.) Although I focused largely on Chile throughout the course, I also enjoyed studying other countries and discussing their unique developments and social issues.

Favorite musical memory at Puget Sound (so far): Although I have been a part of many incredible performances throughout my time here, performing Karel Husa's Music for Prague 1968 with the Wind Ensemble my freshman year has definitely been the highlight of my musical career here at Puget Sound. It was such a life-changing and emotional experience for me, and I will always remember the sheer amount of intensity and passion the piece demanded from all of the players.

Favorite place on campus: Karlen Quad - In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on campus. I love going out there on sunny days to throw a football with friends and listen to all of the music coming from the music building!


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