Important Dates & Deadlines

Are you considering a music major at Puget Sound? Are you interested in a music scholarship? The information below is intended as a general guideline to help you plan your next steps.

Please contact the music admission coordinator if you have any questions. For more information about applying to Puget Sound with the Common Application, please visit the admission website.

Early Decision Students and Transfer Students

If you are considering applying through Early Decision, or if you are a transfer student, please see "Related Pages," at right.

November 2016

  • November 15: Early Decision 1 Music Audition Application deadline

December 2016

  • December 15: Music Audition Application deadline

January 2017

  • January 15: Common Application deadline
  • January 15: Denver Regional Audition date
  • January 22: Los Angeles Regional Audition date
  • January 28-29: San Francisco Regional Audition date

February 2017

  • February 1: Video-Recorded Audition deadline (upload via DecisionDesk)
  • February 3: On Campus Audition Date 1
  • February 11: On Campus Audition Date 2

May 2016

  • May 1: National Response Deadline

Audition Schedule at a Glance

February 5 & February 20, 2016: On-Campus Auditions

January 17: Denver Auditions
January 30 - 31: San Francisco Auditions
February 13: Los Angeles/Glendale Auditions